Valor Blenheim Radiant
Valor Blenheim Radiant Valor Blenheim Radiant Valor Blenheim Radiant Valor Blenheim Radiant

Valor Blenheim Radiant


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The Valor Blenheim is a low maintenance and high performance gas fire.


The traditional design of the Blenheim emulates a real fire in everyway, featuring a classic fascia and a Coal effect fuel bed. Click on the images to enlarge.


The Blenheim is available in both full depth or Slimline fuelbeds suitable for all depths of chimney (the Brass model shown is full depth).


Both traditionally attractive and practical, the Blenheim gas fire is suitable for homes with deeper chimneys or flues, although Electric, Powerflue and Slimline versions of the Blenheim are also available


There is a choice of Black, Brass or Chrome finish on the Slimline models wheras the deep fuel bed model is only available in a Brass finish


If you have any questions on this gas fire, or any of our products, please call into our fabulous Hemsworth showroom and speak to our staff or call us on 01977 612 777.




Height :  599mm (Deep)   585mm (Slimline)

Width :  402mm (Deep)    450mm (Slimline)

Engine Depth : 186mm (Deep)  115mm (Slimline)


Min Heat Output  : 1.2kW (Deep) 1.1kW (Slimline)

Max Heat Output  : 3.8kW (Deep)  3.1kW (Slimline)

Efficiency Rating  : 61% (Deep) 57% (Slimline)

Control Options  : Manual

Chimney/Flue Type : Brick Chimney; Pre-fabricated Flue†

Flue Notes †

† These fires are suitable for most pre-fabricated flues dependent on the flue depth and diameter. Please refer to the installation instructions to ensure that this fire is compatible. *Due to the sheer number of varying flue boxes and pre-cast flues it is not possible to advise on which fires are suitable until the existing fire has been removed. If the width at the rear of the pre-cast flue starter blocks is less than 300mm wide the minimum depth of the opening will be not less than 154mm


Installation Options  : Hearth or Wall Mounted.

If wall mounted then a small plinth is required to support the fret/ashpan




Choice of Black, Brass or Silver finish on the Slimline model


Deep fuel bed model is only available in a Brass finish


Natural gas only


Manual control only