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They are often seen as a quaint, countryside ideal for cottages and similar properties, but why should you choose a wood-burning stove as your primary source of heat? Do they provide adequate heat? What is their effect on the environment? Can I use them without any other energy supplies? Hemsworth Fireplaces, Wakefield stove experts, have a variety of wood-burning stoves in their range; here they examine the top five reasons for investing in a wood-burning stove.


  1. Cost.

Exasperation over constantly rising energy prices have been a common theme in recent years, and heating homes has become incredibly expensive...

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Wood-burning stoves are now being found in an increasing number of homes throughout Britain. They have long been a favourite in the countryside, but nowadays wood-burning stoves are no longer a niche product and the numerous benefits associated with them are appealing to the masses. Wood Burning Stoves create the perfect focal point in any living room, whilst still providing an excellent heat source. By installing a wood burning stove you are going to benefit from eco-friendly home heating.

Technological advancements with wood burning stoves, means that carbon dioxide is released into the stove rather than the atmosphere. This...

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Stoves play an important role to the people who are residing in a cold place. It is not like the open fire that transfers around 70% of the heat to the roof. The stove has the power to emit equal heat throughout the room, which finally helps to get the warmer surroundings. With contemporary stoves you can easily control the amount of fuel that needs to be burned and also the heat that is produced. Homeowners who possess modern styled houses can surely opt for the contemporary wood burning stoves as they can act as the centerpiece or they can even be mounted on the wall.

These stoves are found in different colour finishes and...

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Due to the advancement in the technology, modern homes now have the access to a wide variety of heating systems. There are many homeowners who still prefer to use stoves that use real wood as opposed to the multi-fuel stoves that are now available. They are regarded as a unique solution and highly functional. 

The antique wood burning stoves are considered to be the cheaper and more efficient solution compared to any modern stoves. The antique quality can also enhance the décor of the home. You may also choose the modern models as they may look fancy and contemporary and will make your home more beautiful.

Unlike coal...

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Multi-fuel stoves are used to burn different types of fuel such as coal, oil, wood or peat. The multi-fuel stoves usually have beautiful panels and clear window glass, so that you can a complete view of the burning fuel. These stoves are available in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes.

The multi-fuel stove of today is created with concerns over the ecological aspect. Modern stoves help to minimize the air pollution and de-forestation.  The modern contemporary multi-fuels have replaced the traditional wood burning stove.  The highly advanced multi-fuel stoves of today contain flue pipes built to emit the exhaust gases and...