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Fires are the focal point of any room as they provide an eye-catching display of dancing flames along with the warmth we all covet every day.

A fireplace can change the entire appearance of a home, while adding unique style that adds to the ambience creating a warm, intimate or lofty and spacious interior.

Although there are now wall fires and wood burning stoves that stand alone, fireplaces are still sought after as they offer traditional style and contemporary chic that makes a house a home.

The Benefits of a Fireplace

A fireplace isn’t only for improving the appearance of a room it provides a function that...

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If you’ve ever wondered what the benefits are of installing a gas heater stove, then read on. We’re going to make sure that everything becomes clear!

When it comes to installing a heating mechanism in your home the gas heating stove can’t go wrong.

Less Mess

One of the things you need to know is that you won’t have to deal with the big mess that burning wood and coal can cause. Not only would you have to bring them into the house, which can at times leave a trail of dust behind you from either one, but you’ll also have to clear up the remnants once your fuels have been burnt.

Gas stoves are known for...

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If you’ve got a standard fireplace installed, then you are quite likely to at one time or another suffered for a serious smoking issue.  Sometimes the fire just won’t start, and all you see is a lot of smoke coming into your room. You cough, you worry about what colour your ceiling will turn out and you open the windows and doors even though the cold comes into the room.

Chimney blockage - one of the biggest issues that can cause smoke coming into the room is when the hole that leads from the fireplace to the outside is not big enough. That’s why chimneys need to be swept every now and then. They can get blocked and...

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Anywhere in the world where the weather is cold and the heating costs are high will usually have a lot of fireplaces installed. However, before you go ahead and purchase one, then here are some points that you need to know: 

Who doesn’t find a fireplace welcoming? Homes that have a fireplace as the central part of their living room feel like they have more soul. In addition to the fireplace being a heat generator, they often end up being the focal point of the room.

You will get to choose some great fireplace accessories. The mantel piece is fun to decorate with your own personal knick knacks and it’s also fun to...

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Whether you are the owner of a wood stove or an open fireplace, then you will have the regular maintenance task of removing the ash. The more modern stoves come with a cleverly designed grate and tray that will help to make this task easier.

One of the complaints from owners of wood burning stoves is the mess that it can generate. All the bark, dirt and chippings that are brought into the home on the wood and the ash that needs to be cleared up. However, if you bring the wood into the home in metal bucket, you can quite often avoid most of this.

Emptying The Ash Pan

Every stove comes complete with instructions on...

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If you’ve got your eye on a wood stove but you cannot decide between cast iron and steel, then not to worry, we’re here to help.

The first thing that you should know when it comes to the operation of either stove is that steel stoves generally heat up faster than their cast iron counterparts. The steel wood stove will heat up rapidly and then start to radiate heat almost immediately. Whereas the cast iron stove is a slow starter, it can often take a couple of hours to really get going. However, when the fire has started to die down you can expect the cast iron to radiate heat for several more hours. Once either stove has...

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With energy-efficiency on everyone’s minds right now, many people are turning to new fireplaces to try and reduce their traditional energy consumption. However, it’s common to worry that introducing a fireplace into the living space will compromise the overall aesthetic. How will it integrate with the theme of the existing interior? How versatile are fireplaces at adapting to new and current trends? Wakefield fireplace specialists Hemsworth Fireplaces examine the top fireplace trends for 2013 and set out how they can remain effortlessly stylish in the future.


  1. Wooden Fireplaces

The trend for all things...

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Gas fires are a domestic delight, providing heat, light and a beautiful feature in any room. When maintained properly, the fireplace can be an elegant and beautiful focal point of a living space. If they are left to fall into disrepair, or even if they accumulate a layer of dust, they can be an eyesore that drags the whole aesthetic of the room down.

Gas fires can even become a safety hazard if not cleaned regularly. Hemsworth Fireplaces are Wakefield gas fire experts with five top tips on how to ensure your gas fire will be the gleaming centre-point of the room.


  1. Cut It Off

The first step to cleaning a gas...