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Identifying the most suitable gas fire for your property can be an overwhelming task. This blog post has been created to help you to understand what’s available and how to select the right model for your home.

Gas fires vary in their design and there is one to suit every home. This includes homes that don’t have a chimney as the fumes can be directed through a wall to the outside. Our modern wall mounted gas fire from Kinder Limours is one of these types.

Inset Gas Fires

Also known as ‘living flame fires’, inset gas fires were first introduced around 25 years ago. Created to look just like a real coal fire, the...

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A fireplace is something that will make an attractive centrepiece of any room. In addition to being a focal point, they also provide warmth and heat. However, in order to look and perform at their best they need regular maintenance.

In this post we look at how to clean and maintain fireplaces to keep them looking good.

Wooden Fire Surrounds
Wood fire surrounds are one of the easiest elements to keep clean. They will most likely need to be dusted occasionally. If you’re fortunate enough to have polished wood then you may want to use wood polish to maintain it. Those that are have a wax finish may need the occasional waxing...

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I’ll admit to being impressed with our electric stoves. Leaving aside the running costs for a moment there are certain situations where the advantages of electric are notable.

Think electric where you can’t get permission to set up a proper fireplace with a flue. Then again, although many appliances comply with smokeless zone regulations you may wish to compare these with similar looking electric fireplaces.

First, an electric fireplace looks like a real glowing fire. Yet you don’t have to worry about flue gas. An artificial flue can be installed merely for effect. You don’t actually need to have a fireplace in home to...

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Nothing beats the flicker and glow of a wood burning stove to bring warmth and cheer to the heart of your home. However, with your mind on sourcing alternative fuels, availability, price and carbon emissions you may wish to try out a range of biofuel alternatives.

So what makes biofuels sustainable? Like gas and oil they too are carbon based fuels that burn to release carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Remember, carbon dioxide is the greenhouse gas that is implicated as the cause of global warming.

However, gas and oil are also known as fossil fuels because the carbon they contain has been stored for millions of years. When...

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One of the most important features that make people worry before purchasing a fireplace or a stove is its efficiency. The inclination towards wood burning fire and the flexibility in fuel use that a multi fuel stove offers have hold the users attention for a while now and will continue to do so. While multi fuel stoves are largely welcomed in homes, users also want to know about the ways by which they can enhance the heat efficiency of their stoves. 
Undoubtedly, open fires can transform a lifeless room into a vibrant space. But, this effect comes at a cost of extensive heat loss good enough to dig a big hole in your pocket....

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Multi fuel stoves are the upcoming trend used for heating homes instead of gas or electric stoves. It is becoming increasingly popular and looking at its popularity, a new addition to the ACR range of stoves has been made which is known as the ACR Astwood multifuel stove.

Astwood multifuel stoves Huddersfield has an output of 7Kw and features a large glass door which is kept clean by its powerful air wash.  It is a DEFRA approved stove which enables wood to be burned within smoke controlled areas. This also allows smokeless fuels to be burned as it is a multi fuel stove. 

The ACR Astwood is featured with an adjustable log...

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 Modern or contemporary art means a lot of things from expressionism to  eccentricity. But when it comes to modern fireplace designs, the word  contemporary can be     summed up in three words: austere yet trendy. Fireplaces  made up of natural stones like marble and granite are unique and excellent choices in contemporary fireplaces.

 Limestone fireplaces Brighouse are very economical and can sport elegant designs  to give a contemporary look to your home. These fireplaces are extremely versatile   and can suit your requirements complementing the decor of your home. Marble  fireplaces are yet another alternative that have...

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If you’re planning to buy a new fireplace or update the existing one then, it’s important to realise that you can find a number of varieties of fireplaces today. With the options available you can easily make your buying decision based on your requirements and budget. Let’s discuss. The most popular types of fireplaces found are built-in, wall-mounted and free standing.

Built-in: As the name indicates, they are built into the wall connected to a chimney that keeps the smoke out. Usually, they are built with a mantel allowing the house owner to choose from the different types of mantel found. Built-in fireplaces usually...