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When it comes to comparing both gas and electric fires, gas fires have always traditionally been more popular due to their design. They generally looked far more realistic as they had that magic ingredient – the flame. Although they deliver the same heat that a log fire can produce, the ashes and work is not part of ownership.  Just a gas line and you’re ready to go.

However, there is one downside to gas fires that needs to be considered, and that’s the removal of fumes. These days that has been partially addressed and it’s no longer necessary to have either a chimney or a flue to remove fumes from the gas fire.

When it...

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Identifying the most suitable gas fire for your property can be an overwhelming task. This blog post has been created to help you to understand what’s available and how to select the right model for your home.

Gas fires vary in their design and there is one to suit every home. This includes homes that don’t have a chimney as the fumes can be directed through a wall to the outside. Our modern wall mounted gas fire from Kinder Limours is one of these types.

Inset Gas Fires

Also known as ‘living flame fires’, inset gas fires were first introduced around 25 years ago. Created to look just like a real coal fire, the...

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If you’ve ever wondered what the benefits are of installing a gas heater stove, then read on. We’re going to make sure that everything becomes clear!

When it comes to installing a heating mechanism in your home the gas heating stove can’t go wrong.

Less Mess

One of the things you need to know is that you won’t have to deal with the big mess that burning wood and coal can cause. Not only would you have to bring them into the house, which can at times leave a trail of dust behind you from either one, but you’ll also have to clear up the remnants once your fuels have been burnt.

Gas stoves are known for...