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One of the responsibilities of owning a wood burning stove is to keep it well maintained so that it will perform at its best. Not only will you enjoy greater efficiency, but you can also rest assured that your stove will be safer to operate.

Some of our customers prefer to hire a professional to carry out maintenance tasks and checks on their stoves. However, if you prefer to do your own maintenance, here’s what you need to look for:


It’s critical to good safety that a chimney is swept once a year. Ideally, it will be twice. This will stop any tar and soot from building up. The chimney should also be...

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There are many things to love about the British weather. It’s not just about cricket and summer picnics. There are times of the year when snuggling down in front of the fire is something that bonds the family and pleases the pets no end.

The wood burning stove makes a beautiful focal point for any home. Its orange glow will light the room and remove the winter cold from the room.

These days there is a variety of stoves in different sizes, models and colours. There is one available for every style home. From contemporary modern designs to cast iron traditional models. Many of them fully able to heat an entire room.

One of...

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Exciting times. You’ve bought a beautiful wood burning stove and you can’t wait to see it in action. All that stands between you and a cosy, roaring fire is getting it working.

We’re now going to explore what you, as the owner, need to know about a wood-burning stove to get the best from it. 

Hopefully you would have already looked into what type of stove will provide you with the heat that you need in your situation. Most good stove suppliers will guide you with how much heat you need to be output for the size of your room. If not, then you can always find this type of information by using the internet. It’s not always...

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Nothing beats the flicker and glow of a wood burning stove to bring warmth and cheer to the heart of your home. However, with your mind on sourcing alternative fuels, availability, price and carbon emissions you may wish to try out a range of biofuel alternatives.

So what makes biofuels sustainable? Like gas and oil they too are carbon based fuels that burn to release carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Remember, carbon dioxide is the greenhouse gas that is implicated as the cause of global warming.

However, gas and oil are also known as fossil fuels because the carbon they contain has been stored for millions of years. When...

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Whether you are the owner of a wood stove or an open fireplace, then you will have the regular maintenance task of removing the ash. The more modern stoves come with a cleverly designed grate and tray that will help to make this task easier.

One of the complaints from owners of wood burning stoves is the mess that it can generate. All the bark, dirt and chippings that are brought into the home on the wood and the ash that needs to be cleared up. However, if you bring the wood into the home in metal bucket, you can quite often avoid most of this.

Emptying The Ash Pan

Every stove comes complete with instructions on...

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If you’ve got your eye on a wood stove but you cannot decide between cast iron and steel, then not to worry, we’re here to help.

The first thing that you should know when it comes to the operation of either stove is that steel stoves generally heat up faster than their cast iron counterparts. The steel wood stove will heat up rapidly and then start to radiate heat almost immediately. Whereas the cast iron stove is a slow starter, it can often take a couple of hours to really get going. However, when the fire has started to die down you can expect the cast iron to radiate heat for several more hours. Once either stove has...

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They are often seen as a quaint, countryside ideal for cottages and similar properties, but why should you choose a wood-burning stove as your primary source of heat? Do they provide adequate heat? What is their effect on the environment? Can I use them without any other energy supplies? Hemsworth Fireplaces, Wakefield stove experts, have a variety of wood-burning stoves in their range; here they examine the top five reasons for investing in a wood-burning stove.


  1. Cost.

Exasperation over constantly rising energy prices have been a common theme in recent years, and heating homes has become incredibly expensive...