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When I was a young boy my grandparents lived in a remote cottage in Wales. It was a wonderful cottage with a huge garden where they grew all their own fruit and vegetables. They even kept chickens and a pig.

The main room was the parlour, and it contained a huge fire range with a massive chimney from which hung chains on which they would suspend a big black kettle over the ever burning open fire. The fire also heated an oven to one side and a boiler to the other. All their cooking was done on the range over the open fire. As a small boy I remember toasting the most delicious toast in the world on a toasting fork held close to the...

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In our last blog post, we covered a number of different gas fires that are available for purchase. It can be an overwhelming task to choose the best gas fire to suit your home and needs. In this blog post we will conclude with 2 more types of gas fires and other related facts.

Powerflue Gas Fires

Perfect for people whose house does not have either a flue or a chimney, this type of gas fire uses a fan to expel gases outside the fire and property. An electronic fan on the outside of the wall sucks out any fumes.

We offer a wide range of Powerflue gas fires with different fascias and looks. It’s important to note that these...

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A fireplace is something that will make an attractive centrepiece of any room. In addition to being a focal point, they also provide warmth and heat. However, in order to look and perform at their best they need regular maintenance.

In this post we look at how to clean and maintain fireplaces to keep them looking good.

Wooden Fire Surrounds
Wood fire surrounds are one of the easiest elements to keep clean. They will most likely need to be dusted occasionally. If you’re fortunate enough to have polished wood then you may want to use wood polish to maintain it. Those that are have a wax finish may need the occasional waxing...

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 Modern or contemporary art means a lot of things from expressionism to  eccentricity. But when it comes to modern fireplace designs, the word  contemporary can be     summed up in three words: austere yet trendy. Fireplaces  made up of natural stones like marble and granite are unique and excellent choices in contemporary fireplaces.

 Limestone fireplaces Brighouse are very economical and can sport elegant designs  to give a contemporary look to your home. These fireplaces are extremely versatile   and can suit your requirements complementing the decor of your home. Marble  fireplaces are yet another alternative that have...

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Fires are the focal point of any room as they provide an eye-catching display of dancing flames along with the warmth we all covet every day.

A fireplace can change the entire appearance of a home, while adding unique style that adds to the ambience creating a warm, intimate or lofty and spacious interior.

Although there are now wall fires and wood burning stoves that stand alone, fireplaces are still sought after as they offer traditional style and contemporary chic that makes a house a home.

The Benefits of a Fireplace

A fireplace isn’t only for improving the appearance of a room it provides a function that...

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Anywhere in the world where the weather is cold and the heating costs are high will usually have a lot of fireplaces installed. However, before you go ahead and purchase one, then here are some points that you need to know: 

Who doesn’t find a fireplace welcoming? Homes that have a fireplace as the central part of their living room feel like they have more soul. In addition to the fireplace being a heat generator, they often end up being the focal point of the room.

You will get to choose some great fireplace accessories. The mantel piece is fun to decorate with your own personal knick knacks and it’s also fun to...

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With energy-efficiency on everyone’s minds right now, many people are turning to new fireplaces to try and reduce their traditional energy consumption. However, it’s common to worry that introducing a fireplace into the living space will compromise the overall aesthetic. How will it integrate with the theme of the existing interior? How versatile are fireplaces at adapting to new and current trends? Wakefield fireplace specialists Hemsworth Fireplaces examine the top fireplace trends for 2013 and set out how they can remain effortlessly stylish in the future.


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