Multifuel Stoves

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One of the most important features that make people worry before purchasing a fireplace or a stove is its efficiency. The inclination towards wood burning fire and the flexibility in fuel use that a multi fuel stove offers have hold the users attention for a while now and will continue to do so. While multi fuel stoves are largely welcomed in homes, users also want to know about the ways by which they can enhance the heat efficiency of their stoves. 
Undoubtedly, open fires can transform a lifeless room into a vibrant space. But, this effect comes at a cost of extensive heat loss good enough to dig a big hole in your pocket....

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Multi fuel stoves are the upcoming trend used for heating homes instead of gas or electric stoves. It is becoming increasingly popular and looking at its popularity, a new addition to the ACR range of stoves has been made which is known as the ACR Astwood multifuel stove.

Astwood multifuel stoves Huddersfield has an output of 7Kw and features a large glass door which is kept clean by its powerful air wash.  It is a DEFRA approved stove which enables wood to be burned within smoke controlled areas. This also allows smokeless fuels to be burned as it is a multi fuel stove. 

The ACR Astwood is featured with an adjustable log...

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Multi-fuel stoves are used to burn different types of fuel such as coal, oil, wood or peat. The multi-fuel stoves usually have beautiful panels and clear window glass, so that you can a complete view of the burning fuel. These stoves are available in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes.

The multi-fuel stove of today is created with concerns over the ecological aspect. Modern stoves help to minimize the air pollution and de-forestation.  The modern contemporary multi-fuels have replaced the traditional wood burning stove.  The highly advanced multi-fuel stoves of today contain flue pipes built to emit the exhaust gases and...