Fireplace Trends for 2013

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With energy-efficiency on everyone’s minds right now, many people are turning to new fireplaces to try and reduce their traditional energy consumption. However, it’s common to worry that introducing a fireplace into the living space will compromise the overall aesthetic. How will it integrate with the theme of the existing interior? How versatile are fireplaces at adapting to new and current trends? Wakefield fireplace specialists Hemsworth Fireplaces examine the top fireplace trends for 2013 and set out how they can remain effortlessly stylish in the future.


  1. Wooden Fireplaces

The trend for all things organic, botanical and natural is huge in 2013, and can be stretched to beautiful wooden fireplaces which complement the rest of the room. The variety in this trend offers those renovating their homes great scope for change in the future. Whether opting for a lighter wood like beech, ash or maple, or choosing a rich, dark, mahogany or walnut fireplace, the natural appearance lends itself to a great number of styles and trends.


  1. Marble Fireplaces

Having a natural marble fireplace in a living space instantly draws the eye and creates a focal point for the rest of the room to revolve around. The clean minimalism of pure white marble works in a number of settings, from a sleek and chic modern look to a more retro 50s or 60s-style living room with pops of bright colour and timeless furniture. White is a great choice for a fireplace because its prevalence and relative neutrality means it can last throughout numerous future renovations. Whether opting for a Regency-style living room with all the old-England trimmings, or a sleek homage to a New York apartment, white will lend itself perfectly to these interiors. The fireplaces can also be altered in different ways to keep them current and fresh, by adding downlights or crushed marble pieces to change their appearance.


  1. Granite Fireplaces

Nothing screams bold glamour like a black granite fireplace. These popular fireplaces can be used as part of a recurring monochrome trend that doesn’t seem to ever disappear. The black exterior also means that they fit into a wide variety of other colour schemes and themes should the owners wish to renovate. Black granite is ever-stylish, which is why people tend to use it in for their kitchen counters, and black granite fireplaces are available in a range of contemporary and traditional designs that fit in with a minimal or a homely atmosphere.

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