Why Choose A Wood-Burning Stove?

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They are often seen as a quaint, countryside ideal for cottages and similar properties, but why should you choose a wood-burning stove as your primary source of heat? Do they provide adequate heat? What is their effect on the environment? Can I use them without any other energy supplies? Hemsworth Fireplaces, Wakefield stove experts, have a variety of wood-burning stoves in their range; here they examine the top five reasons for investing in a wood-burning stove.


  1. Cost.

Exasperation over constantly rising energy prices have been a common theme in recent years, and heating homes has become incredibly expensive for any average family. Wood-burning stoves are much less expensive than some of the new technologies that people are turning to, and wood fuel is much cheaper than the conventional gas and oil. One kilowatt of heat per hour from a wood-burning stove costs about one fifth of the equivalent in electricity.


  1. Warmth

Wood logs and wood-burning stoves have a different kind of heat to central heating, which can be drying. The unique kind of warmth creates a homely, welcoming atmosphere, and the heat continues long after the stove has been gone out.


  1. Independence

It can be freeing for many people to be released from the stronghold that energy suppliers have on their finances. Paying out hundreds every quarter just for the pleasure of maintaining warmth is becoming too much for some to handle. It is very unrealistic to expect the prices for conventional fossil fuels like oils and gases to ever get any lower, so gaining independence from the energy suppliers before they put up prices any higher is a huge positive for those considering a wood-burning stove.


  1.  Consistency

Electricity power cuts are being more and more common due to adverse weather and the changeable climate in the UK. Nobody wants to spend a week of Britain’s cold winter wrapped up in every jumper they wear because their electrical heaters are out; a wood-burning stove is a reliable and consistent heating method that relies on no external energy.


  1. ‘Green’ Credentials

Wood fuel is entirely carbon neutral, which means that wood-burning stoves are beneficial to those attempting to decrease their own carbon footprints. During the burning process, wood logs do emit carbon dioxide, but this is balanced out by the growing replacement trees, which absorb carbon dioxide and emit pure oxygen for our planet.

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