Wood Burning Stoves – A Beautiful Focal Point for Your Home

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There are many things to love about the British weather. It’s not just about cricket and summer picnics. There are times of the year when snuggling down in front of the fire is something that bonds the family and pleases the pets no end.

The wood burning stove makes a beautiful focal point for any home. Its orange glow will light the room and remove the winter cold from the room.

These days there is a variety of stoves in different sizes, models and colours. There is one available for every style home. From contemporary modern designs to cast iron traditional models. Many of them fully able to heat an entire room.

One of the major benefits of a wood burning stove is that it can save on utility bills. Electricity and gas prices have soared over the last few years and it’s this situation that has introduced the term ‘fuel poverty’. With the wood burning stove, fuel poverty can be a thing of the past. It’s cheaper to source wood for burning in the stove.

You can look to friends and family to supply wood if they have unwanted trees in their garden. Alternatively, it may be possible to collect firewood from skips and local woods. You will have to check with your local authority first and also ensure that the wood has not had any paint or chemicals used on it.

Another source of wood might be from local carpenters or even factories who have offcuts that would otherwise be taken away to landfill. Local landowners may also help. However you source your wood, it’s a type of fuel that is far more environmentally friendly and replaceable than burning fossil fuels such as coal or oil.

One important piece of advice, wherever you source your wood from, is to allow it time to season. Green wood does not burn well and can contain up to 50% moisture.

A wood burning stove builds family memories and delivers a cheaper and environmentally sustainable heat source. What more could you want!

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