The Myriad Benefits of Gas and Electric Fires

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When it comes to comparing both gas and electric fires, gas fires have always traditionally been more popular due to their design. They generally looked far more realistic as they had that magic ingredient – the flame. Although they deliver the same heat that a log fire can produce, the ashes and work is not part of ownership.  Just a gas line and you’re ready to go.

However, there is one downside to gas fires that needs to be considered, and that’s the removal of fumes. These days that has been partially addressed and it’s no longer necessary to have either a chimney or a flue to remove fumes from the gas fire.

When it comes to electric fireplaces, you can enjoy warmth, light and the beauty of fire without needing to deal with so much of the safety aspects or hard work. Previously, the only negative was that electric fires did not contain a real flame, so they didn’t look quite as real as the original.

However, things have changed and modern technology has now made it possible to enjoy a real flame with your electric fire. Surprisingly they can look just as good as a real log burning fire. No more fake looking set ups that could not fool visitors. Each electric fire now has beautiful flames that deliver when it comes to heat and atmosphere, without needing to take on the risk.

When it comes to the environmental impact, both electric and gas fireplaces depend on where the utility company sources their power from.  

When it comes to mess, gas and electric fires are both head and shoulders above the wood burning stove. You may require some form of ventilation with gas, but it does in fact burn far more efficiently than electricity, so you need less of it to produce the same amount of heat.

If you aren’t looking for heat, but just want the looks, then electric wins hands down as they can deliver on flames and heat independently.

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