Everything You Need to Know About Buying Gas Fires – Part 2 of 2

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In our last blog post, we covered a number of different gas fires that are available for purchase. It can be an overwhelming task to choose the best gas fire to suit your home and needs. In this blog post we will conclude with 2 more types of gas fires and other related facts.

Powerflue Gas Fires

Perfect for people whose house does not have either a flue or a chimney, this type of gas fire uses a fan to expel gases outside the fire and property. An electronic fan on the outside of the wall sucks out any fumes.

We offer a wide range of Powerflue gas fires with different fascias and looks. It’s important to note that these fires are electronically driven so if there is a power cut they will not work. Sometimes the noise of the fan is audible too.

Flueless Gas Fires

Although fairly new to the UK, this type of gas fire has been popular overseas for some time. They provide a chance to enjoy a real flame whilst not having a chimney or a flue. A number of safety devices are fitted so that it will stop working automatically if there are any fumes entering the room. Please note that it’s necessary to match the fire with the size of your room and you will need an air vent fitted. Start here to browse our flueless gas fires.

Gas Fire Control Options

It’s now far easier to light a gas fire than it used to be. With several new control options on the market, it’s possible to light the fire without scrabbling on the floor. Here is your choice of options:

Manual Control. Using a control knob and an ignition button will get this fire going and you can set the most comfortable temperate for the room.

Slide Control. Usually located at the top right of the trim, this type of fire control is preferred by our older customers. It is usually run off a AA battery and is not required to run off the main power.

Remote Control.  One of our favourite control methods for gas fires, you can sit back and take control. Some remote controls will allow you to not only light the fire, but control how high the flames burn once it’s on.

We hope this helps you to choose your gas fire, contact us if you need further help.

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