How To Clean and Maintain Fireplaces

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A fireplace is something that will make an attractive centrepiece of any room. In addition to being a focal point, they also provide warmth and heat. However, in order to look and perform at their best they need regular maintenance.

In this post we look at how to clean and maintain fireplaces to keep them looking good.

Wooden Fire Surrounds
Wood fire surrounds are one of the easiest elements to keep clean. They will most likely need to be dusted occasionally. If you’re fortunate enough to have polished wood then you may want to use wood polish to maintain it. Those that are have a wax finish may need the occasional waxing to maintain condition.

Marble Fireplaces
Many of our clients ask how to clean their marble fireplace. However, they are easy to maintain as they can be polished with just a damp cloth and a dry duster to buff. Marble can make a very beautiful finish and this can be enhanced with the use of marble cleaner but beware of other creams and liquids that may mark or scratch the surface.

Stone Fireplaces
Natural stone has a porous nature. It’s is therefore important that the stone fireplace is sealed with a water sealer when it’s installed. In order for sealer to be applied the fireplace needs to be dry – this may take months to achieve. The sealer provides a protective barrier to stop liquids from soaking into the surface of the stone and staining it. Use a small area as a tester first.

Stone fireplaces that have been sealed can be cleaned with a sponge and warm water with mild detergent.

Cast Iron Fireplaces
Cast iron is one of the most beautiful materials for fire places. Fortunately it is significantly robust. Even the most uncared for mantels can be returned to their original beauty. Marks and scratches can easily be repaired with the use of a coat of matt black high temperature paint. If the surface is polished, then a touch of oil on a wire wool can remove any rust WD40 is an excellent product for this. Be sure to remove any surplus before making a fire.

Gas and Electric Fires

Dust can be removed from these types of fires with a vacuum cleaner. Remove any faux logs or coals to facilitate the removal of dust.

By using these tips, you can keep your fireplace looking good for all seasons.


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