Easy Switch from Traditional Open Fire to Multi-fuel Inset Fire

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One of the most important features that make people worry before purchasing a fireplace or a stove is its efficiency. The inclination towards wood burning fire and the flexibility in fuel use that a multi fuel stove offers have hold the users attention for a while now and will continue to do so. While multi fuel stoves are largely welcomed in homes, users also want to know about the ways by which they can enhance the heat efficiency of their stoves. 
Undoubtedly, open fires can transform a lifeless room into a vibrant space. But, this effect comes at a cost of extensive heat loss good enough to dig a big hole in your pocket. A typical open fire consumes only 30 percent of the heat produced while the other 70 percent is escaped out of the chimney. The solution is installing an inset multi-fuel stove into a traditional fireplace, simple yet effective solution for increasing energy efficiency and reducing heating bills. 
Though there is no standard yardstick for measuring efficiency of a stove and the measurable values can vary from product to product. When it comes to combustion the efficiency of a stove is defined by its heat output in exchange of fuel. In a multi fuel stove you can achieve the same heat output with less fuel irrespective of the fuel type used – wood logs, coal, peat or any other smokeless fuels. Less fuel usage also indicates reduced carbon footprint depending on your choice of fuel or quality of wood being burnt. It’s important to burn only well-seasoned wood to ensure carbon emissions are minimal. 
In fact, stoves that are attached to a boiler can be used to get enough hot water for your domestic requirements. This means, there is no need to expense extra energy for getting hot water for you whole house. However, getting expert advice to select the type of stove that is best for you is always recommended.
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