Planning to buy a fireplace...its time already!

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If you’re planning to buy a new fireplace or update the existing one then, it’s important to realise that you can find a number of varieties of fireplaces today. With the options available you can easily make your buying decision based on your requirements and budget. Let’s discuss. The most popular types of fireplaces found are built-in, wall-mounted and free standing.

Built-in: As the name indicates, they are built into the wall connected to a chimney that keeps the smoke out. Usually, they are built with a mantel allowing the house owner to choose from the different types of mantel found. Built-in fireplaces usually burn wood or gas but, the modern types can be operated with gel or electricity.

Wall-mounted: Wall-mounted fireplaces are slim, sleek giving the appearance of a plasma TV. The electric flames give the real fire look; add warmth and cosiness to the room without eating up any floor space. These types of fireplaces are an ultimate choice for modern home decor and for homes built without fireplaces.

Free standing: They are highly flexible and can be entirely free standing or attached to a vent pipe depending on the fuel being burnt. If you burn wood or gas, the fireplace should have an outlet pipe to keep the smoke outside the house. However, if you use electricity then the flexible style carries no danger and can be easily moved in any part of the house. Along with providing warmth in the house, they also make a highly decorative item.

Hemsworth fireplaces offer a wide selection of fireplaces to choose from, for modern homes as well as traditional houses. 

Last update: November 12, 2013