Fireplace Smoking Problems and Solutions

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If you’ve got a standard fireplace installed, then you are quite likely to at one time or another suffered for a serious smoking issue.  Sometimes the fire just won’t start, and all you see is a lot of smoke coming into your room. You cough, you worry about what colour your ceiling will turn out and you open the windows and doors even though the cold comes into the room.

Chimney blockage - one of the biggest issues that can cause smoke coming into the room is when the hole that leads from the fireplace to the outside is not big enough. That’s why chimneys need to be swept every now and then. They can get blocked and clogged up with the soot of previous fires.

Damper - another problem that may cause a smoke-up is when the damper isn’t open. It needs to be open to allow the smoke to leave your property through your chimney. If you cannot recall whether this draught stopper is open or close, take your torch and shine it up the chimney to check.  

Fuel – if your wood is not fully dry and seasoned for at least one year, then it have a high level of moisture content. Any log that is over 6” in diameter needs to be split so that it can dry out properly. Also some fabricated ‘paper wrapped’ logs sometimes have smoking issues.

Fire grate - If your fire grate is not set back towards the wall or firebox then you may not be getting a good enough draw to whisk the smoke away. Some people decide to raise the grate by adding some bricks underneath it. The more air there is under the grate, the better the fire will burn.

Cold weather – If it’s raining outside or particularly cold out then it can make the air very heavy. This will make it difficult for the air to rise and there will be mores smoke.

What we’ve listed here is not an extensive list of smoking problems, but it will get you started!