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When I was a young boy my grandparents lived in a remote cottage in Wales. It was a wonderful cottage with a huge garden where they grew all their own fruit and vegetables. They even kept chickens and a pig.

The main room was the parlour, and it contained a huge fire range with a massive chimney from which hung chains on which they would suspend a big black kettle over the ever burning open fire. The fire also heated an oven to one side and a boiler to the other. All their cooking was done on the range over the open fire. As a small boy I remember toasting the most delicious toast in the world on a toasting fork held close to the...

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One of the responsibilities of owning a wood burning stove is to keep it well maintained so that it will perform at its best. Not only will you enjoy greater efficiency, but you can also rest assured that your stove will be safer to operate.

Some of our customers prefer to hire a professional to carry out maintenance tasks and checks on their stoves. However, if you prefer to do your own maintenance, here’s what you need to look for:


It’s critical to good safety that a chimney is swept once a year. Ideally, it will be twice. This will stop any tar and soot from building up. The chimney should also be...

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There are many things to love about the British weather. It’s not just about cricket and summer picnics. There are times of the year when snuggling down in front of the fire is something that bonds the family and pleases the pets no end.

The wood burning stove makes a beautiful focal point for any home. Its orange glow will light the room and remove the winter cold from the room.

These days there is a variety of stoves in different sizes, models and colours. There is one available for every style home. From contemporary modern designs to cast iron traditional models. Many of them fully able to heat an entire room.

One of...

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Exciting times. You’ve bought a beautiful wood burning stove and you can’t wait to see it in action. All that stands between you and a cosy, roaring fire is getting it working.

We’re now going to explore what you, as the owner, need to know about a wood-burning stove to get the best from it. 

Hopefully you would have already looked into what type of stove will provide you with the heat that you need in your situation. Most good stove suppliers will guide you with how much heat you need to be output for the size of your room. If not, then you can always find this type of information by using the internet. It’s not always...

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Since the early times of cave dwellers, man has congregated on the perimeter of a fire. Cooking, heat and the social aspect of the activity all playing a part. Today, most modern homes have a form of central heating, but the popularity of the fire has not dwindled and more people than ever before are looking for wood burning stoves or the more modern electric and gas fireplace options.

Although many prefer the sound and authenticity of the real fire experience, there is a lot to be said the convenience and cleanliness that the gas fireplace offers. For minimal maintenance, a realistic heat source can warm the entire room.


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When it comes to comparing both gas and electric fires, gas fires have always traditionally been more popular due to their design. They generally looked far more realistic as they had that magic ingredient – the flame. Although they deliver the same heat that a log fire can produce, the ashes and work is not part of ownership.  Just a gas line and you’re ready to go.

However, there is one downside to gas fires that needs to be considered, and that’s the removal of fumes. These days that has been partially addressed and it’s no longer necessary to have either a chimney or a flue to remove fumes from the gas fire.

When it...

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In our last blog post, we covered a number of different gas fires that are available for purchase. It can be an overwhelming task to choose the best gas fire to suit your home and needs. In this blog post we will conclude with 2 more types of gas fires and other related facts.

Powerflue Gas Fires

Perfect for people whose house does not have either a flue or a chimney, this type of gas fire uses a fan to expel gases outside the fire and property. An electronic fan on the outside of the wall sucks out any fumes.

We offer a wide range of Powerflue gas fires with different fascias and looks. It’s important to note that these...