DEFRA Approved Stoves

A DEFRA Approved stove is an advanced system of eco-engineering approved by the UK Government for burning wood in smoke control areas. Hemsworth Fireplaces have a wide range of DEFRA Approved stoves.


DEFRA Approved Stoves


Back in 1956 and 1968 there were clean air acts were introduced to deal with the extensive amount of smog that was caused from the heavy use of coal. Coal was used as the main resource to heat a home and also the industry. The acts were introduced to allow local authorities to control the emissions that were produced from domestic and commercial buildings. These areas were then introduced for 'smoke control area', since then many smoke free zones have been introduced for stoves across many of the UK's large towns and cities. You can view a list of smoke control areas here.


Defra Approved stoves have been made exempt from these smoke control areas and have passed tests to show that they only emit a certain amount of smoke at certain temperatures. These tests prove that the stove is suitable to burn wood in smoke controlled areas. It is important to use the correct fuel in a defra approved stove, there are numerous choices to choose from such as smokeless coal and smokeless wood.



Although our DEFRA Approved stoves are suitable for smoke controlled areas, there is no compromise on style and design. Hemsworth Fireplaces has over 100 DEFRA Approved stoves to choose from, in a large choice of styles and brands. We stock a range of traditionally styled stoves and modern stoves in a range of colours.


If you have any questions about any of our DEFRA Approved Stoves, please do not hesitate to contact us.