Cast-Tec Royal Arch Half Polished Cast Iron Insert

Cast-Tec Royal Arch Half Polished Cast Iron Insert


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The Cast-Tec Royal Arch Half Polished


The Royal Arch Half Polished is an elegant contemporary arched inset with a substantial polished area between the plain arched band and fireplace opening. (Click image to enlarge)


The burnished band around the Royal Arch cast, which continues into the fire opening, reflects the dancing flames when the fire is burning creating a soothing glow.


An optional LPG burner is also available, as well as a remote control Electric engine with heat, DGF Gas burner or Solid Fuel kit.



Opening Width (C) : 0mm


Rebate (G) : 10mm


Overall Height (B) : 950mm


Opening Height (D) : 0mm


Decorative Width (E) : 770mm


Decorative Height (F) : 825mm


Inset Height (J) : 790mm


Inset Width (I) : 660mm


Inset Depth (K) : 190mm


Overall Width (A) : 950mm



Material Type : Cast Iron


Cast Type : Arched


Fuel Options : Solid Fuel, Natural Gas, LPG or Electric


Chimney Types : Brick Chimney (Class 1)


Open or Glass Fronted : Open Fronted


Finish Options : Black or Highlighted